“Take Care of Yourself”

I consider myself to be an observant person and one of the things that I’ve noticed through the years is the irony that surrounds the process and life-style of a medical profession. I have seen students and professionals at all stages of their education (undergrad, grad, practicing) that will preach to patients and family the importance of taking care of themselves, but yet the same professionals will fail to make their own self-care a priority.

Yes, you’re spending a large amount of your life studying and working tirelessly so you can take care of others but will you realistically be able to do that if you yourself aren’t okay?

Self-care doesn’t stop at doing everything you can to stay healthy, it also revolves around mental-health. It’s been found that happy people make those around them happier. With this in mind, I can’t stress how important it is to find things that give YOU happiness, and opportunities to destress.

This is something that has taken me a while to learn (and still struggle with). I’ve found myself always thinking about those I care about before myself and putting their needs before my own. Though this is noble in it’s own right, sometimes it is necessary to put that aside and make sure that in doing this, you aren’t sacrificing parts of yourself. There are times where your self-love should come first.

I got both of the items pictured above to serve as consistent reminders of this. The ring and bracelet both means more to me than simply pieces of jewelry.

The bracelet, which is from MyIntent, has the word “Naseeb” written on it. Naseeb (نصيب‎‎) is an Arabic word that means destiny or fate. I got this to serve as a reminder that no matter what hardships might come, I hope to always remember to believe in myself, believe in Allah (swt), and believe in the beauty of my dreams. Prophet Muhammad said “what has reached you, was never meant to miss you and what has missed you was never meant to reach you”. To acknowledge this is to know that whatever is written for you, will be yours, no matter what. To have faith in Allah’s mercy is to understand that what isn’t written for you, can be changed with sincere dua. Hopefully, when hardships come, the meaning of this world will give me enough hope to raise me up at my worst.

The ring (FYI, not an engagement one), which is from pandora, is named “Timeless Elegance”. This caught my eye because it’s a beautiful ring (right?) and it seemed to be something I could wear everyday without feeling as if it was too much. The reason I chose to get it however is because of the name. The word “timeless” stood out to me because in the same way that this ring could be described as timelessly elegant, your love for yourself should be unaffected by time also. We have instances in our lives that cause us pain and make our self-esteem/love hinder, and those are the times where it is most important to be able to be there for yourself. The people that love you will look out for you, but you have to always look out for yourself as well.

I hope that everyone can find small things that remind them how important they are and that taking care of yourself, while maintaining your happiness should always be one of the top things on your list.

One thought on ““Take Care of Yourself”

  1. The best way to take care of yourself is by surrounding yourself with people who Share the same vision as you and are optimistic in life. It will only help you with getting closer to your goals and dreams. There is a saying that, “you are what your friends are”. At the same time, it’s always best to help others that are struggling or falling behind whether it’s your friend, colleague or student. The motto I follow and share with everyone in general is, when you succeed, help others succeed with you.

    You have a positive way of looking at things. Hope you and the person reading your blog makes the best out of this.


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