“The Thing About Difficult Times”

“Verily, with hardship comes ease.” – [94:5]

          The thing about difficult times is that you know they’re going to pass. You know that the voice in your head telling you that you’re going to be okay is absolutely right but it’s so hard to actually just let yourself believe that. You’ll get past this heartache or whatever is hurting/stressing you out because there’s no way that it will last forever…right?

          Maybe 20 years from now, you’ll wonder why you let anything upset you so much and you’ll reminisce back on these feelings/times fondly because it made you the person that you are. Or maybe 20 years from now, you’ll think back and it’ll still hurt sometimes. To be honest, 20 years from now, you may still have “one of those days” and that is absolutely okay.

          Right now, I’m going through a difficult time and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But what brings me peace is knowing that eventually I’ll be okay, eventually I won’t feel the way that I do now and eventually it won’t hurt anymore. That almost makes the pain worth it because it’s something to hope for and as the days go on, that “eventually” helps me look through the clouds and remember that after every hardship comes ease.

          The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Even if you think that you are, there is someone in your life that is looking out for you. I always knew that I had a great group of friends/family (alhamdulillah), but I’ve learned in recent weeks that these people have more love and light in their hearts than I could’ve ever imagined. The people I have in my close circle will drop every and anything (when that’s not the easiest thing to do) to try and put a smile on my face. I can’t thank Allah (SWT) enough because I don’t know where I would be without those that are helping put my ground back together when I didn’t think I had one to stand on anymore. Chances are, the ones you’re close to, will do the same thing for you.

          When people go through hardships, relationships of any sort are put to the ultimate test, sometimes you’ll be disappointed because that’s life but there is always the chance that you’ll realize just how blessed you are when you may not have thought so. These times that may seem unbearable now are shaping you into the person that you are going to be. It might be a test to see if what you thought you wanted or needed was really the best thing for you and when you get through this, the answer to that might surprise you.

          Whatever it may be, there’s going to be a time in the future that you’ll look back and you’ll realize how much progress you’ve made. Right now, whatever you’re going through, know that it is okay to be upset. Pretending that you’re not hurt or sad might be the worst thing for you to do for yourself. No one expects you to be 100% okay all the time, that’s impossible. The thing about pain, is that it demands to be felt. It may come in waves; it may come now or it may come later but there is a very real possibility that it will leave an aching hurt where there’s nothing physically wrong. But that ache will fade with time, and so will the pain that seems consistent right now.

          Some days will be really bad and some will be better than others. If it ever starts to feel overwhelming, remind yourself of Yasmin Mogahed’s words “…when something happens that you dislike or that hurts you, be careful not to get lost in the illusion created by pain. Look through it. Find the message in the bottle. Find the purpose. And let it lead you to glimpse just a little bit more of Him.”

 Take a deep breathe, you’ll survive this, whatever it is, you’ll get through it.

-xoxo Temoria

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